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Driving gifts for Xmas

If you're not sure what you are looking for it can be tricky finding the right driving gift for your loved one...Here is what we can offer...

If you are looking for a driving gift you have come to the right place. It can be like navigating a minefield finding the right driving gift 'for him' (or her) because sometimes what you think you are buying doesn't turn out to meet your hopes and dreams for getting quality driving time, at a great circuit, in a high performance car like an Ariel Atom or Caterham 7. Sometimes some of these expectations are actually met, but the driver is limited by someone sitting beside them making sure they don't push the throttle too far to the floor.

Well, welcome to The Real Gran Turismo. We do driving gift experiences a bit differently. We treat everyone how they would like to be treated, particularly when behind the wheel of a really fast car, at an iconic circuit. We encourage driver development, learning whilst behind the wheel and trying new techniques that simply are not safe to try on the road. If you have a petrolhead in your life, and you are not sure where to start, give us a call to discuss. We will quickly help identify if we are the right way to go - or not, in some cases.

As a general guide, remember that motorsport is expensive. When you are buying your driving experience gift voucher, remember that you will always get what you pay for. Having operated 'driving experiences' at varying levels since 2008 when we were established, we have evolved and developed over the years from offering value driving experiences which we would sell via partners like Groupon and Wowcher, to what we do now, which is driver focused, high value drive time with proper 'go faster' training on major UK circuits.

If you have found a supercar driving experience which seems too cheap to be true, perhaps it is. Supercar experiences are rarely the same as 'driving experiences', which is also important to remember. Is this about driving a supercar, or is it about a circuit driving experience with driver training?

You want to consider the car, the circuit (we only operate at Major circuits during proper 'open pitlane' trackday events) and the training you will recieve. With us, we try our best to limit any standing around in the cold on the day, and we like to keep groups very small, to 3 or 4 drivers over a half or full day. This allows us to really communicate with and get to know you on the day which is an important part of what we love to do and helps us get more out of you on the circuit. We are not about upselling more on the day - with us, everything is included. Insurance, hot drinks and snacks for you and your entourage, coaching, all fuel, track entry, go pro videos, the works.

Our Ariel Atom driving experience, BMW M2 Competition driving experience and Caterham 7 driving experience are all based at Bedford Autodrome which is well situated for anyone in and around London all the way up to Birmingham. We will operate these at Silverstone, Brands Hatch or Snetterton but these circuits do require a subsidy and more advanced booking.

If you click into our driving menu above or click the links into each driving experience you can read in more detail how we approach these products. Essentially our approach is the same irrespective of what you pay and which car you drive. So the only thing you need to consider is which car to choose, and leave the rest to us.


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