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Caterham 7 - trackday hire or ownership the best way forward?

Caterham 7 on trackday hire rental in UK
Caterham 7 on hire at Goodwood w RMA Trackdays

Is the Caterham 7 your perfect drive for a trackday? In this blog I'd like to discuss how to approach Caterham 7 trackdays - is it still worth owning such a specialised machine? A Caterham 7 is many peoples preferred way to do laps, and it can still work on the road as unlike many 'kit cars' and 'trackday specials' it does offer a level of versatility with a removable windscreen and wet weather gear. But is that a compromise too far?

In this current climate of carbon monoxide measuring, noise recording and ULEZ charging, ownership of such extreme internal combustion performance vehicles is becoming more difficult to justify, in a landscape dominated by increasing EV sales and ULEZ charges, current owners of trackday focussed cars can be forgiven for looking into different options of getting their Caterham laps in at the track. For some time I have believed it could go one of two ways for services like ours, but generally speaking we believe trackday hire is, of course, the way to go and will start attracting more petrolheads and driving enthusiasts who would normally have owned their trackday car due to these increased barriers of owning a 3rd or 4th car for 'fun' such as a Caterham 7.

Alongside our Ariel Atom, our Caterham 7 represents the most extreme car you can hire for your trackday in terms of pure light weight, no frills performance car hire.

Our particular Caterham 7 is a fully competitive FIA compliant race car, boasting a complete race experience with digital dash readout that includes live lap time monitoring and shift lights, limited slip differential and tyres for all weather conditions. If you own a Caterham or aspire to own one, you are most likely going to find a road friendly version with treaded tyres, full weather gear and MOT friendly tyres, exhausts and engine specs. Of course our car needs none of these compromises for the road so your Caterham 7 trackday experience with Real GT is completely uncompromised, promising a car that will live up to your high expectations,

When you are considering your trackday, particularly if you need to hire a car, you need to consider what level of performance is right for you, not what is the maximum performance you can get for your money. The reason for this is that if you find yourself in a car that is too challenging in terms of speed or grip, you will be unable to extract your own potential as a driver and then the value is lost.

This is where the Caterham 7 really comes into its own – it offers extreme straight line and cornering performance, however, unlike some other cars with this level of performance, it communicates this effectively to the driver and is relatively user friendly in terms of reigning in and managing the extreme performance, even for relative novice trackday drivers.

So if you are looking for the best possible performance for your trackday, our Caterham is perfect for novice and experienced racers alike.

See what all the fuss is about with the Caterham 7 and rent it on a trackday of your choice. We will deliver and support the car for you to any circuit in UK or Europe. For pricing and additional details click our car hire menu above and select #Caterham7

We hope to see you soon!


Nick and Team RGT


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