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Track Day Training - Ariel Atom

Everything You Need to Know to Become a Racing Driver!

With this event, focus is on hassle free driver training and access to our true, de-restricted sports cars at our most popular venue, Bedford Autodrome.

This is the best value way to get out on circuit with The Real Gran Turismo, at one of our favourite circuits, which allows for high confidence driver training as there are no barriers, walls or other obstacles around the circuit.

Learn the art of high speed track driving. Develop your understanding of:

  • Effective use of brakes
  • The racing line
  • Throttle control & Steering
  • Our cars are de-restricted and track prepared. Choose your car wisely based on their attributes and your experience on circuit:

Ariel Atom - Drive the car that still has everyone talking. Its been a long time since the Ariel Atom was made famous by Jeremy Clarkson on BBC's Top Gear, but time has not made the prospect of driving an Atom at maximum attack any less appealing. The ultimate track toy, with 250bhp, no downforce and a rear engined configuration, the Ariel Atom delivers a driving experience unlike any other.

With only mechanical grip to rely on, unlike other track specialist cars of this power and weight, there is a real art to getting the best out of an Ariel Atom on a trackday. With The Real Gran Turismo you will experience the pure acceleration of 0-60mph in 3.4s, as well as the exceptional braking performance. However, what is most unique and what keeps our customers coming back is our approach to driving the car really hard, without dual controls or driver aids. This means you can really develop your understanding and skills during this extreme ariel atom trackday experience.

You will get 3-4 full race lengths session out on track, we aim to deliver 60 minutes max attack track time to take place usually over a half day period.

-60 minutes track time behind the wheel

-Driver training with professional instructor

-Helmet & kit hire

-Fully comprehensive insurance

-All fuel & track entry

-Hospitality (snacks, hot beverages etc)

-Optional video footage/photography

*Participation waivers must be signed prior to track access. Real GT reserve the right to refuse access due to safety concerns. The Real Gran Turismo LTD do not own Bedford Autodrome and are acting as a third party operator. You will be on circuit in an open pitlane trackday environment with other members of the public. The Real Gran Turismo reserve the right to provide an alternate car should your pre-booked car be unavailable. No changes to your booking within 4 weeks of event date unless otherwise specified. Insurance subject to approval and excess in event of claim.

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