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EBC RPX – Honda S2000

We have run our Honda S2000 trackday hire car since 2014. I remember it well when I purchased the car – I was in a Hospital waiting room doing an online bank transfer for the car as my first daughter was being delivered – but that really is another story. Since then however, we have run Stoptech "Streetsport" discs and pads all round which never gave me anything other than excellent, fade-free, predictable performance. And if I'm being honest with you, following a poor experience of 'Yellow Stuff' compound way back in 2009, EBC products have not been on my radar as a contender for quite some time.

Our first trial with the EBC RPX was on the road as we bed them in prior to their first trackday shakedown recently. As per my previous post, we only came about testing new braking products for this car due to an administrative change to the way we source our braking products.

First impressions - the bite was shockingly powerful, even during bedding-in this was obvious. However, I've felt good brakes turn bad very quickly when serious heat cycles come into play. After 100 miles or so of bedding-in, road pace can pick up and it is easy to feel the incredible power of these brake pads. Early signs are promising.

First track day shakedown was on the Silverstone GP, a tricky circuit in Winter, particularly so in a stiffly sprung Honda S2000 trackday car without traction control. As the circuit dried and braking became heavier, the ultimate stopping power of the RPX proved to be at a much higher level than the Stoptech pads we had run previously. You can see where the extra money goes, and whilst I always thought Stoptech punch well above their weight pound for pound, these EBC RPX pads are certainly out punching them going into every braking zone. Brake slightly later than usual, feel the front load up as you progressively add more braking force, then release the brake (not too suddenly) feel the balance stabilise around the driver and get back on the throttle, feeding it through until flat out coming out pas the apex. Every time. I'm happy.

Following sustained 25 minute sessions there was no evidence of overheating or fade. Worth noting our Honda S2000 utilises braided brake lines and Driven Super 600 brake fluid with stock Honda calipers. This is a superb setup in a relatively lightweight car that doesn't really need a caliper upgrade for circuit use.

One thing to note is the compromise with these pads – they are intended solely for race use and too powerful and therefore illegal to be used on the road. They have a heavy cut into your brake disc so will reduce the life of your discs. Also worth considering the additional cost of discs that can cope with the additional heat generated from such an extreme race pad. So know your car, your budget and track to street driving ratio when deciding if you need such outright performance that these pads provide.

Overall, it must be said, we were previously put off using EBC brake pads based on poor on circuit experience of them way back in 2009, but coming back to EBC in 2020 with the RPX is certainly like a baptism of fire. Will I be recommended these pads? Hell yes.

Next up we will review the EBC RP-1, which is a brake pad compound designed for trackday use so is a little softer, a little less harsh on your brake disc but will hopefully continue where the RPX left off in delivering the goods in terms of consistent, confidence inspiring stopping power.

Watch this space as we continue to write-up our experiences with other brake pads.


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