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Mazda MX5 RS - 'Get to Know'

RGT Customer Laure enjoying our MX5 track day hire car at Brands Hatch GP circuit

The Mazda MX5 needs no introduction. We all know what it is and how it goes about its business. Many people will argue over whether they believe it is a 'proper' sports car, but those non-believers may never have driven a prepared one on circuit.

So, if you haven't taken time out of your busy schedule to meet us at your local circuit and grab the keys, let us inform you of why our MX5 is possibly more car than you'll ever need.

Lets start with the basics. This is a MK2 shape, non-VVT engined special RS edition Mazda MX5 trackday hire car. It does feature an exclusively designed cylinder head and intake camshaft profile from Mazda's Mazdaspeed department that endows this little MX5 with sparkling performance.

Headline figures for a Mazda MX5 RS are 145bhp and a 7500rpm redline. These figures are up on the standard MX5 1.8 which was 138bhp and 7000rpm redline. This only tells half the story as torque is greater in the midrange too.

Couple the higher power/torque figure with a lightweight racing flywheel and the car revs in a completely different way to a standard 1.8 Mazda mx5, and is far more suited to our use as a trackday hire car.

The car also features a truly sporty 6-speed gearbox, limited slip diff and Bilstein suspension as standard.

We take this base and add our mix of ingredients to elevate it to a car that can conduct some serious giant slaying in the corners, too. We have added our Stoptech sport braking kit which includes braided brake lines which help to limit brake pedal fade. We also upgraded the stock Bilstein suspension to fully adjustable race coilover suspension to help us make adjustments specific for the circuit the car is hired for.

Bushes make a significant impact on the stiffness of a chassis and we always recommend fitting Powerflex polybushes to an MX5 track car. These alongside Nankang NS2R tyres, 5Race roll cage and lightweight race seats and harnesses all add up to create the feeling of an extremely light, responsive, connected track weapon.

We have also taken the liberty of upgrading the air intake and exhaust system which bring the cars output close to 160bhp. Plenty for a car weighing in at 875kgs.

Rental from £685 delivered, insured and brimmed with super unleaded.

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