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Xmas 2020 – Ariel Atom Ultimate Drive

2020 hasn’t exactly been a year to shout about. Lets make 2021 better before we even get there, with the most amazing lifetime experience you cannot get anywhere else.

Experience our unique approach in delivering not a ‘driving experience’, but a real world, bucket list ‘life experience’.

Many people dream of driving on a Formula One Grand Prix circuit, only a few lucky ones can say they have genuinely experienced it. And we aren’t talking about experience from a tour bus – we are talking real circuit driving experience, from within the cockpit of a real high performance race inspired car, with a real racing driver sat with you providing training.

This Xmas and new year we want to give you something truly special to look forward to. We often hear the same feedback from clients who have done the usual driving ‘experiences’ or driving ‘gifts’…”by the time I got used to the car my experience was all over” or “the instructor was only there to slow me down” and so on.

Well, for the 4000+ customers who are initiated with our way of doing things, we could be considered a breath of fresh air. Proper cars. No limitations imposed on our drivers. Generous amounts of wheel time. Genuine GP circuits across the UK and Europe. High quality cars. There are plenty of reasons why to choose us. Is this a £50 driving experience gift? No. But you wouldn’t want it to be.

Have a look at our latest, ultimate driving gift product and do contact us with any questions – or simply purchase online. You can choose a date if you like, or leave it open ended for the recipient of the gift to choose a convenient date and venue.


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