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When we began operating our Ariel Atom driving experience in 2013, I really did not realise that it would lead us to become the trackday car hire operation we are today. It is testament to the popularity of the Ariel Atom that meant we could grow our trackday fleet in the first place – interest and intrigue to drive the Atom was off the scale thanks to a certain JC (then of the BBC) and really allowed us to expand to include other cars, perhaps not as sexy, but no less fit for purpose – the purpose of driver training.

So we added our first, then shortly after, our second Mazda MX5. Followed quickly by the Honda S2000 and then Lotus Elise which really began to put us on the map and we have since acquired another 7 or 8 cars for you to enjoy out of our roster of trackday hire cars.

However, its the Ariel Atom rental that did, and still does, capture the imagination. Track day car hire means different things to different people. Some look no further than a Mazda MX5 trackday hire, some are only interested front wheel drive such as a Renaultsport Clio hire. But all are still very much interested in the Ariel Atom as a trackday driving experience, if not as an ownership prospect.

I think that is another area which really adds value to our customers. Particularly those who live inner-city who will be limited in regards to what they can justify owning and operating in these times of congestion charges, ULEZ and emissions. It seems only a matter of time before everyone who enjoys inner-city living will be forced to enjoy electric propulsion for their every day driving. The benefits of which are a separate discussion all together, however what is becoming obvious is that it will not be realistic for Londoners to have space or budget (or the inclination) to run a 3rd car or a dedicated track car. And for that car to be something as extreme as an Ariel Atom or a Caterham 7 is even more unlikely. I think I will focus more on this in my next blog as this is a subject of real interest.

In the meantime, if you want an Ariel Atom trackday at a super value price, click here and have a look at our ultimate voucher.


Nick, Aaron and Team RGT

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