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10/10/21 M2C at Donington

Great day at @doningtonpark today. M2 on circuit but as always we take a black and gold backup as well with both cars taking pride of place in the paddock cleaned, polished and brimming with @shellmotorsport finest.

It was supposed to rain throughout but remained lovely and dry, giving the @nankangmotorsport#AR-1 cut slick a good run out and proving itself a very quick tyre, suiting the savage power of the M2 excellently and all the grip it needs to put down the power on a dry trackday.

Starting in settings that suited the driver, the steering in sports plus for additional weight and feedback, the gearbox in setting 2 for sport and the throttle in 2 for sport with all driver aids on and giving the driver confidence to get close to the limit.

By the 3rd session confidence was already high and we decided to turn off all the traction control, jump steering, throttle and gearbox into full race and allow the sublime chassis and communicative steering guide our hands and keep it on the black stuff. This is aided by the suspension which feels slightly harsh on the road but works well on circuit allowing some body roll to offer more grip but somehow not to the hindrance of turn-in. Truly @bmw have worked some magic here and the M2C offers extremely intuitive steering accuracy matched to excellent ultimate grip. And with 430bhp at your right foot is there a better recipe?

What you end with on circuit is a very exciting and capable car but when you do ultimately find the limit you have that slight understeer going in but oversteer coming out. And you can decide how much oversteer you want coming out, which is devilishly tempting...Great day.


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