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Choose CAR. Select TRACK. Go DRIVE.

Choose CAR. Select TRACK. Go DRIVE.


Mazda MX5

With no driver aids, this extremely light-weight, front engine, rear wheel drive sports car will surprise you with its go-kart handling and perfect weight distribution.

Weighing at only 800kg, these mk2 shape 1.8 litre Mazda MX5 track cars are possibly the best smiles per mile, with a low centre of gravity and instant steering response. If you are looking for a trackday hire car on a budget, you'll be surprised what a well set up Mazda MX5 trackday car will deliver.


The key here is to use all 160bhp to keep the speed up going into the corners. Despite not having traction control you can relax as the little MX5 communicates everything to its driver so you can really develop your on limit car control feel and technique.

The novice should strongly consider renting a Mazda MX5 track car hire, and on smaller circuits such as Brands Hatch or Cadwell Park where they will hold their own against much more powerful cars, the MX5 will suit most peoples trackday requirements.


  • *Car Specs:*

  • Stoptech Braking System

  • Upgraded Fully Adjustable race coilover suspension

  • Powerflex polybush kit

  • 6 speed close-ratio gearbox

  • Custom race exhaust system

  • Full roll cage for your protection

  • 160 bhp

  • 0-60mph – 6.5s

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