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trackday car hire

Workshop services

Utilise our knowledge of building and running reliable high performance cars.


Whether it is your everyday car requiring a service to a standard you can trust, or a comprehensive high performance custom car build, we can help. Services Include:

- Road Car Diagnostics and servicing

- Suspension and brake upgrades

- Track car builds

- Performance parts sourcing

- Ferrari

- Lotus

- Kit cars

- Detailing and valeting 

High performance BMW M-Power engines, Honda B and K-series 4-cylinder engines, Caterham Rover K-series and 13B and Renesis Mazda Rotary are our speciality.

Our experienced technician is experienced building Radical SR1 and SR3 race cars and their sequential gearboxes, as well as Lotus Cup cars and Ferrari Cup cars. If you have a Radical, Lotus or Ferrari on either road or track, we would love to hear from you.

With our links to Bernie's V8s race series we are also well connected in the world of American race cars and V8 powered Americana.

Why not try us? Send us an email enquiry and let us know what you need.

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