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Honda S2000 is a front engine rear wheel drive car without driver aids. A pure drivers car, it is capable of flattering and testing its driver, and is considered a car for a more experienced trackday driver.

In 1998 Honda unveiled to the world their 50th birthday present to themselves - the incredible Honda S2000. It captured the hearts of the people with its sharp lines, its incredible engine specification promising a truly unique sports car experience, and that unmistakable front engined, rear wheel drive sports car balance.

Honda also decided that traction control was surplus to requirements, leaving many new owners bewildered as to why they just couldn't drive the S2000 as they thought they might have. Stiff, sports and uncompromising, this is a true drivers car that will deliver its full 240bhp at a heady 7,800rpm and keep howling to a redline rev limit of 9,000. With a specific output of 118bhp per litre, it even eclipsed the V8 Ferrari sports car at the time that could 'only' manage 109bhp per litre and still stands as one of the greatest sports car engines ever designed.

This particular car benefits from upgraded race coilover suspension as well as engine and exhaust modifications allowing it to deliver more power and improved handling over standard.

This Honda S2000 benefits from:

  • Rear Wheel Drive
  • Modified 2.0 VTEC engine
  • Racing Coilover Suspension
  • 6 speed close ratio gearbox
  • Stoptech Braking system
  • 0-60 5.5s
  • 150mph top speed

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