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Caterham Seven Trackday Hire

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"From the moment you squeeze yourself into its racecar-like form to the point you climb out, windswept and possibly a little uncomfortable but grinning like a Cheshire cat, you’ll have experienced one of the most exciting cars on the road." EVO Magazine

The Caterham 7 needs no introduction. If you are looking for extreme light weight, cornering balance, acceleration and consistency the Caterham Seven may just be the right track car hire for you.

Feel the cornering grip and perfectly weighted, instant steering response of a super lightweight track car that has no power steering, no brake servo assistance and no traction control or other driver aids. This is a real drivers tool that is equally at home at larger, flowing circuits like Silverstone as it is on the tight twisty corners of Oulton or Cadwell Park.

With cut slick tyres, race spec big brake kit, bilstein adjustable suspension, a race spec Titan limited slip differential, shift lights, detachable racing steering wheel and the latest modified, high revving Ford SIGMA engine, this is truly a purists track and race car and anyone looking for trackday car hire can't go far wrong with our Caterham 7.

The Caterhams biggest strength, its diminutive, lightweight design, is also its biggest weakness in terms of accessibility and you must be confident you can shoehorn yourself into the car before you hire it. With figure-hugging tillet bucket seats and harnesses, and a full race roll cage, its a tight squeeze! Our car does benefit from lowered driver and passenger floors however which does help accomodate, and your race support staff will help get you strapped in safe and securely..

Our particular Caterham benefits from the following spec:

  • Modified 1600 Ford SIGMA Engine
  • Full forged internals
  • 180bhp
  • 6 speed close ratio Caterham race gearbox w/ shift lights
  • Bilstein Suspension
  • Full FIA race roll cage
  • Limited slip differential
  • Hi-Grip tyres
  • Caterham light-weight seats and race harnesses
  • Includes 2 drivers
  • Does not include trackday entry fees


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