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ARIEL ATOM Trackday Hire

£1 995.50
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Product Details

Hire an awesome 245bhp Ariel Atom 3 to use on your track day or book a seat on an Arrive & Drive event!

Get a feel for the legendary Ariel Atom whenever and wherever it suits you. Enjoy the go-kart handling and rear engined configuration and overcome the challenge of mastering one of the most extreme production cars ever built.

With no windscreen or doors, and a 2.0 naturally aspirated engine screaming at a dizzy 9,000rpm behind your ears, this is pure driving heaven. The instant response of the steering, coupled with a 0-60 dash of just 3.2 seconds will have you hooked from morning through till the end of your track day as dusk approached.

*Car Specs:*

Adjustable 4-pot Alcon brakes

Fully adjustable Bilstein coilover suspension

Atom 3.5 Porsche hub upgrade

245bhp NA engine

0-60mph – 3.2s

Dry weather hi grip tyres where suitable

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