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Ariel Atom 3

Get a feel for the legendary Ariel Atom whenever and wherever it suits you. Enjoy the go-kart handling and rear engined configuration and overcome the challenge of mastering one of the most extreme production cars ever built.

With no windscreen or doors, and a 2.0 naturally aspirated engine screaming at a dizzy 9,000rpm behind your ears, this is pure driving heaven. The instant response of the steering, coupled with a 0-60 dash of just 3.2 seconds will have you hooked from morning through till the end of your track day as dusk approaches.

This car is notorious for being tricky to control – and therein lies the appeal. With little front end mechanical grip, you have to wait a little longer than usual for your front tyres, and therefore initial turn-in to really materialise. Once you get the front end responding well, you must manage the rear engined pendulum oversteer effect by balancing throttle and steering carefully on exit of corners. Remember, an Atom does not have much steering lock!


*Car Specs:*

  • Adjustable 4-pot Alcon brakes

  • Fully adjustable Bilstein coilover suspension

  • Atom 3.5 Porsche hub upgrade

  • 245bhp NA engine

  • 0-60mph – 3.2s

  • Nankang NS2R

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