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Driver Training, Silverstone

Welcome to our special driver training taster programme, which takes place during a busy open pitlane track day at Silverstone Circuit. We only operate these days with our trusted Track Day Organiser partners who we feel can provide a day suitable to our approach to driver training. If you like the idea of a trackday car hire however would like to split the cost of the day with others, this may be a great option for you.

Choose the car you wish to experience on the circuit, and you will be greeted at Silverstone by your pitlane manager, who will then proceed to get you signed on, briefed and ready to view the cars.


Following a brief walkaround of the car you will be driving, you will meet your race instructor who will go into detail about your previous experience, the car control basics you must consider whilst out on circuit, and how your inputs effect the balance of the car. 

You will then benefit from some intensive, high speed, high adrenaline track time of the Silverstone GP circuit, where your fitness and concentration levels will be tested. Learn the circuit and the limit of your selected vehicle whilst gaining confidence in both your understanding of the racing lines and your car control on this unique race circuit.

Your day will include the following:

  • Entry to Silverstone circuit

  • Driver safety briefing

  • Driver theory briefing

  • Car walkaround

  • Circuit Analysis

  • Full race-length track session (20 minutes)

  • Full race tuition whilst on circuit

  • Insurance (subject to approval, excess required in the event of a claim)

  • Helmet hire

  • Refreshments, snacks, hot drinks

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