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Boss Baby (English) 2 Full Movie




It's a story of family, sacrifice and spirituality. "Fresh" at is the last book in the series. Plot summary The story takes place seven years after the events of "The King of Elfland's Daughter" and follows the same characters. A young woman who is given the name of "Alice" has come to the hidden land of "Elfland" with her twin brother Frederick and their chaperone, who is the last remaining student from the school of wizardry, called "Wizards School". The girl has come to learn what happened to her father, who is also the king of Elfland. The wizards believe her father is still alive, but without any proof of this claim, they also do not want the queen to have to assume that her husband is still alive, if he is. Together with her brother and her chaperone, she goes to see the queen and requests that she be allowed to marry her father. Her petition is granted, and after a ceremony with the king, she is married. The twins go on a hike in the country. On their way back, they find a particularly beautiful plant called "the thorn apple" that is very hard to find. The twins decide to keep this unusual fruit for themselves and, later, when they find a well, decide to drink the water. The water turns out to be magic water, and Frederick's merriment turns into a fight with the plant. The fruit thorns enrage him, and he is trapped in the thorn apple, which is cursed by the plant. The king sends Alice to find the wizard school and get help, while Frederick remains in the well. The wizard sends a young man, his nephew, who sets off to find his uncle. The main part of the story takes place in the world of humans, in the town of "Munsterholm". All the events of the story are related by means of a photograph, left by the young man who set out to find his uncle, called "Henry". The story takes place mainly in a restaurant owned by the twins' uncle, who is the magician of the town. The magicians have been forbidden to perform their profession by the queen, but the restaurant is frequented by travelers, and the wizard has the habit of conducting magic shows. One day, the wizard is disturbed by a violent person who appears at the window. The magician goes to the window and tries to find out



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Boss Baby (English) 2 Full Movie

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