Renaultsport Clio Trophy 220

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Arrive and Drive our inspired front wheel drive track car; the simply epic Renaultsport Clio Trophy 220.

New for you this year, we bring you a very special addition to our OEM+ range. we experienced demand for a front wheel drive sports car in our fleet, and is there a better car than this for your driving experience? Our car has clocked 0-60mph in 5.8s and is capable of near 150mph.

The car is as it would have left the factory, however with our own flavour of modifications making it perfect for on track driver training and is guaranteed to deliver smiles throughout the day.

A high spec car, this Renaultsport Clio Trophy 220 includes an RS monitor for live data logging and data capture; upgraded front mounted intercooler for more reliable turbo performance on circuit; upgraded air intake for higher peak power; upgraded track spec brakes and tyres and an effortless dual clutch paddle shift system or automatic shifting depending on your own preference.

You will meet your race team leader in the pits of your preferred circuit. Our price of £1265 includes VAT, fully comprehensive insurance, first tank of fuel, mechanical support throughout the day, delivery to our home circuits (all circuits available for additional delivery fees), helmet and kit hire, refreshments etc.

Arrive in the comfort of your own car, drive a dedicated high spec track car and return home

in comfort.

Key Stats:

  • 230bhp
  • DCT paddleshift Gearbox
  • Nankang NS2R trackday tires
  • Ferodo DS1.11 race compound brakes with M-Tec two piece discs
  • Engine upgraded for efficiency and power
  • 0-60mph 5.8s
  • 145mph top speed
  • Live datalogging capability
  • Switchable modes and driver aids
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