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Mazda RX8

This rotary powered, front engine, rear wheel drive sports car will surprise you with its mechanical grip, go-kart handling and perfect weight distribution. If you are looking for a trackday car for hire with a little more power and stability than a Mazda MX5 for example, this could be the answer you are looking for.

See first hand what the fuss is about with the twin renesis rotary engine. With silky smooth, high revving power delivery, it is unlike any other powertrain you may have experienced. Of course this is no standard Renesis engine, we have heavily reworked it to provide additional power and torque for your enjoyment, modified with ported rotor housings, race coils and a remap, our Mazda RX8 delivers 260bhp with a rev lmit of 10,000rpm.

Perfectly suited to novice drivers, with switchable driver aids to promote confidence in the wet, the car boasts such excellent grip levels that it will also test the experienced track driver who will no doubt appreciate the fine balance and high turn-in speeds.

  • *Car Specs:*

  • Stoptech Braking System

  • Upgraded Fully Adjustable race coilover suspension

  • Powerflex polybush kit

  • 6 speed close-ratio gearbox

  • Custom race exhaust system

  • Ported rotary engine with race coils and custom mapping

  • 260 bhp ' 9,500rpm

  • 0-60mph – 6.0s

All our trackday hire cars come with mechanical support, insurance and a full tank of fuel for your enjoyment.

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