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Honda Integra Type R

Drive our inspired front wheel drive trackday hire car; the legendary DC2 Honda Integra Type R.


Built to a high spec, this Integra Type R includes the following modifications to ensure it is as effective as possible on circuit, providing lap times to match our Honda S2000, but with completely different driving dynamics and characteristics:

B18C Honda V-tec engine: Upgraded intake, exhaust system, oil cooler, upgraded clutch, larger throttle body diameter, uprated engine mounts, Tegiwa lightweight racing radiator/fan, engine stabilisers, short shift gear selection.




  • Custom stainless exhaust, decat, with resonators and powerflex polyurethane exhaust bushes

  • Custom Air intake

  • Full race fluids inc DRIVEN Motor oils

  • Full STOPTECH braking system

  • Fully Adjustable BC Racing BR Series coilover suspension

  • Front and rear multi-point roll cage

  • Adjustable BUDDY Club camber arms

  • Extended gear shift with new bushes

  • Tegiwa lightweight Stainless radiator

  • Tegiwa engine stabiliser brace

  • Iridium high performance spark plugs x 4

  • High perfomrance Silicon HT leads x 4 (blue)


Take the hassle out of your next trackday with our bespoke trackday hire service. Simply let us know when your trackday is, where it is, and book our Honda trackday hire car for your next trackday.

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